Teaching: 1983-2001

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1983-2001 Fashion/Textiles
1983-2001 Packaging/Paper Engineering
1983-2001 Product Design

Until 2001 I lived in London. Living there had many advantages. For me, one of the biggest professional advantages was that the city was blessed with many large colleges of Art & Design, both in the centre and in the outer suburbs. Additionally, many more colleges were located in the satellite towns, reachable by train in journeys of less than an hour from mainline stations in central London. This put perhaps 200 BTEC (ND & HND) and BA Hons courses within easy reach, all of which might have been interested in my workshops and projects on the techniques of folding.

It became common for me to visit a college for the first time as a guest of one Department, then for other Departments to drop by, like what they saw, and offer me work. In this way, I would sometimes teach on several diverse courses (such as Fashion, Product Design and Graphic Design) within one college. As word spread on the grapevine, I would also spend weeks away from London, teaching regularly in cities such as Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, Coventry and Taunton. Some years, I had more teaching than I could reasonably handle, working 100+ days during the 30-32 weeks of the academic year.

The English system was to run special projects such as mine over 2-5 consecutive days in a week, rather than for a day a week over a semester. I liked this system very much because we could dedicate the students' studio spaces to the project, generating a high level of creative energy. It was often remarkable what the students would achieve in these few days -- sometimes almost as much as in a whole semester teaching a day a week, though the work would not be so 'finished'.

In late 2000 I married the Israeli origami artist Miri Golan (site), and moved to Tel Aviv. This ended my period of teaching in the UK, but opened up opportunities to teach in Israel.

My teaching in the UK fell into three broad areas:


Packaging/ Paper Engineering

Product Design


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