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I was fortunate to find very respectable teaching work immediately on my arrival in Israel, helping to smooth over my somewhat uncertain status as the non-Jewish 'Temporary Resident' husband of an Israeli citizen. Shenkar College of Engineering and Design (site) in Ramat Gan, a suburb of Tel Aviv offered me teaching work in both the Textiles and the Fashion Departments, where I have remained. For a few semesters I also taught a course which any Design student could attend, from any course, attracting students from the Jewellery, Industrial Design and Graphic Design courses. I have recently begun to teach in the Dept of Architecture.

For one semester a year, I also teach students of Graphic Design for a day a week at the Mechlelet Hadassah (Hadassah College) in Jerusalem.

The structure of my teaching is different from that in the UK. I teach regular hours each week instead of block projects, and the students have no dedicated work space in the college, so for me they work mostly at home, not at the college. This produces work that is generally more 'finished' than my students in the UK used to produce.

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