Over the years I've worked for many of the UK's leading advertising agencies
and design groups -- and for others in Europe and the USA -- creating origami models to their specifications.

Almost always, these models have been photographed for use in newspaper
or magazine advertisements, magazine articles, annual reports, brochures
and the like. Occasionally though, I have made models for TV commercials, motion pictures, trade exhibitions and as premiums (gifts).

My style, I believe, is unique. I don't often make 'pure' origami models folded from a sheets of uncut paper, preferring to fake the look of origami from many pieces of paper that are folded, cut and glued together to make a model which looks authentic, but which is not! The advantage of this 'cheat' method is that I have absolute control over the construction, proportions and scale of the model and can thus create a model in any style with --I hope -- some finesse.

The images below represent a cross section of my work, from the simple
to the complex.


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