Crease Pattern Collages & Drawings

Over a meal at an origami convention in New York back in 2002, an origami artist remarked casually how the crease patterns for some models were very beautiful and maybe there was a market for selling them as quality art prints. I wasn't sure about the idea, but it got me thinking.

What emerged was an idea to create collages of how one crease on a sheet would change and progress if it was incrementally moved horizontally, vertically, by rotation, etc, from one sheet to another to another. The collages would be made so that the arrangements somehow connected the crease lines or described the geometric progression by another means. However, it wasn't necessarily important to know that each collage was arranged according to strict rules or to understand the logic of the progression -- they needed to succeed primarily as visual images.

To my surprise, the visual results pleased me very much, though I acknowledge the connection with origami/folding is somewhat tenuous. The black images are true collages made with squares of photocopier paper covered with black toner ink. The white lines are made by folding through the toner and scratching it off. The others images are computer drawings, made after the collages. In truth, I think that both the toner collages and the computer drawings look much better in the original than here in reproduction.



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