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A printer-friendly Word doc. version of Paul's CV can be downloaded here.

One-minute Potted Biography
Paul Jackson was born in Leeds, England in 1956. After attending Lancaster Royal Grammar School he took a BA Hons in Fine Art at Lanchester Polytechnic (later renamed Coventry University), then an MA in the Experimental Media Dept at the Slade School of Art, University College London, where he specialised in creating sound sculptures, installations and performance art.

His childhood hobby was origami. While at College he joined the British Origami Society and quickly became known as a creator of simple models. After leaving the Slade in 1981 he found employment teaching 'folding techniques' in many colleges of Art & Design. At the same time, he was also offered an increasing number of advertising and media commissions. In 1983 he was commissioned to write his first origami book, later followed by 24 others on a diversity of paper craft and paper art topics.

Through the 1980's he did not exhibit his origami, but as the 1990's progressed he exhibited more and more in paper art exhibitions in the UK and overseas.

In 1997, in need of a mid-career sabbatical, he returned to college to study a BA Hons in Packaging Design at Swindon College, graduating in 1999.

In 2000 he met the Israeli origami artist and founder of the Israeli Origami Center, Miri Golan. They were soon married and Paul relocated to Tel Aviv in early 2001. They have a son, Jonathan, born in late 2002. He continues his diverse international origami work from Israel and teaches regularly at colleges of Art & Design in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.