Some years, I would do more packaging teaching than any other kind,
mostly with students of Graphic Design. In the mid 1980's I devised a very simple
method for designing the strongest possible net to enclose any volumetric form,
using only one sheet of card and no glue. The key was to know where to place the
locking tabs and what shape/s they should be. I would teach this method in a workshop,
then set a project for the students to create new volumetric forms using it. This was not
quite 'packaging' in the traditional sense, but it gave the students an opportunity to
experiment freely before attempting a 'real' packaging project later. This way of teaching
packaging design proved very successful. Some of my students, especially
at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication (just outside London), won many
international Student 'Star Pack' awards using this system of construction.
The image above is of a 3-D form made with one sheet of card, locked strongly without glue.

One day, I hope to write a book on this simple system, which I think has many
practical applications (publishers please apply here!).