Miscelleneous Paper Engineering

In addition to the Pop-ups and Packaging on the other pages within this section, I have also undertaken projects in other areas of paper engineering.

However -- after much soul-searching -- I have decided not to show images of these projects. This is because many of the projects were dye-cut as kits for the Israeli Origami Center or hand-made as prototypes, with a view to eventually marketing them commercially and I'm afraid that unscrupulous people in far-flung places would er ...steal the ideas. Multiple global patents are not a realistic method of protection.

Nevertheless, here's a partial list of past projects, ongoing projects and kits, all of which I like. Actually, in my opinion, some of these projects are among my best work. I can supply images if someone is keen to see more.

1. Star Module
A very simple cut/fold card modular unit which can lock together with others to make an infinite number of stellated polyhedra.

2. Cube Module
A cut/fold modular unit which can lock together with others to create cubes and connected cubes.

3. Lighting Design
A subtle and very versatile geometric cut/fold design in white polypropylene, from which ceiling, wall, table and floor lights can be made. This project is 3 years in development with a lighting engineer. If I may say (and everyone agrees!), the lights are exceptionally beautiful, lit or unlit.

4. Bird Kits
Cut/fold kits of birds. They are quick to make and significantly simpler than their origami counterparts.
a) Pelican with opening and closing beak
b) Crane - developed from the traditional origami classic


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