Model Diagrams

It's difficult to estimate just how many origami models I've designed since the
mid 1970's -- perhaps around 250. This may seem quite a lot, but it's a relatively small number compared to the output of more prolific designers.

My style is somewhat at odds with the prevailing modern fascination with
complexity and detail (somewhat bafflingly referred to as 'realism'). I prefer models which appear to have been 'discovered' in the paper, rather than 'contrived' from it. This generally means a model which aspires to being simple, elegant in sequence and form, surprising in concept and even audacious. In my philosophy of creative origami, less can be more.

The list below introduces models from throughout my model making period (I've created few models in recent years, preferring to create my folded paper sculptures ). The drawings are the original ones produced at the time of creation. Each model is on a single page.

Note: I am usually very happy for these models -- and any others of mine -- to be included in printed books and magazines, but please ask me first for permission. They must NOT be included in e-book compilations and sold through on-line auction sites without my expressed written permission.

Barking Dog (1977)
Flapping Bird - Action Model (1979)
Pecking Bird - Action Model (1983)
Colour-Change Bird (1984)
Pop-up Box (1986)
Pocketed Decoration (1987)
Fox (1992)
3-Fold Minimal Head I (1993)
Minimal Nodding Dog (1993)
Dog-Leg Abstract No 1 (1996)


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