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I claim a somewhat ludicrous record -- since 1983, to have taught on more Art & Design courses in Higher and Further Education than any other Visiting Lecturer, anywhere. I'm unsure of the exact number of courses, but I think it must over 130, from the Royal College of Art In London to the smallest of local colleges. I've also lectured in Europe and the USA, and on a regular basis at colleges in Israel since my move here in 2001.

It is impossible within the limited ambitions of this web site to give a full account of the breadth of this teaching, but it is important to at least state that I do NOT teach origami. Instead, I teach techniques for creating 3-D forms from 2-D sheets of material, not necessarily paper. The generic name I give these courses is 'From Sheet to Form'. The workshops tend to be similar (basics are basics), but the projects differ from subject to subject, so that a Jewellery student will give a technique a different emphasis to that of a Fashion student or an Architecture student.

Over the years, I've taught students of fashion, textiles, weaving, embroidery, ceramics, architecture, product design, engineering design, graphic design, packaging, printmaking, fine art, jewellery, set design, interior design and entry level ('Foundation') courses. The techniques of folding (in paper) were taught by Prof Josef Albers at the legendary Bauhaus School, as one of the basic vocabularies of design form, but has been taught rarely, since. It is my opinion that all students of Art & Design should do at least one folding project.

An essay describing my method and philosophy of teaching can be found in the book 'Masters of Origami', published by Hatje Cantz.

In addition, I also teach workshops and projects on aspects of paper engineering, packaging and pop-ups.

It is often very difficult to take good photographs of student work during these projects, so please excuse the amateurish quality of some of the photographs that follow. In any case, much of the best work is done after I leave!

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Photographs of student work: 2001-present


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